About Us

Ethnik is here.

We bring to you culturally beautiful Indian jewerelly pieces for an affordable price that are eye catching and enriched with heritage.

Founded by Me.

I am Ranshika, just an average Fiji-Indian girl who is committed to making these beautiful pieces affordable and accessible in Australia and across the world.

Why did I start Ethnik?

Ethnik was created after my trip to Dubai, where I fell in love with my culture all over again. I have always loved certain things about my culture and where I come from but seeing it all in Dubai was like experiencing it all in a different way, and I LOVED IT! After spending A LOT of money on Indian fashion I wanted to find a place at home that could sell me beautiful jewellery pieces without me breaking my bank (because let’s be real, I was broke). In the end, I could not find anything great. So, I decided to create a place like this. One that not only sells beautiful, affordable jewellery pieces but also displays the experience behind these pieces and captures the story and creates the Ethnik experience.

Jewels with History

We know, we know nobody likes history, but this is what excites us at Ethnik, and here is why. Jewellery has been a part of Indian history for over 5000 years and as time goes on these pieces just keep becoming more and more beautiful. From the stones used to create the shine on the jewels to the old techniques used to make a piece, you will find each and every piece engraved with deep and rich history. Every collection and piece are carefully selected, so that you can wear it with “cultural pride”.

Have some chai with us!

If you are like me and just can not stop talking about jewellery, then get in touch with me, there is only so much I can say on here, and I would love to hear from you!

Ranshika: ranshika.ethnik@gmail.com

For general business enquiries email: ethnikhello@gmail.com